Month: January 2019

Mobile Software Development- A Closer Look

Today owing to the widespread usage of the Web, the use of mobile applications is increasing very fast thus increasing the demand diagram of international mobile market. Consequently mobile software development is getting very popular all over the world.

There are many platforms that support devices not just by single but also numerous manufacturers. Android, Java ME, Flash Lite support devices by numerous manufacturers and BlackBerry and iOS (Apple) are platforms that support devices by single manufacturer. All these platforms are available for mobile applications and each one has its own development environment. Great number of software outsourcing companies offers mobile software development that can be very effective for any business.Additional resources Mobile app development quote.

The idea of mobile technology in every software outsourcing company has made some modernization by the features of mobile software development. Mobile applications include a collection of powerful mobile applications that help Internet browsing, gaming, video and audio applications, video players, etc. In a different way it is very important to state that great number of people have access to the world through mobile.

Mobile software development goes on deploying more technologically favored features that offer versatile applications and infinite opportunities for everyone with the search to grow and drive on at the time passes by.

The platforms the mobile software is developed vary according to vendors. Chiefly vendors are divided into 2 categories: single vendor and multiple vendor. BlackBerry and Apple are representative of single vendor category. Apple’s iPhone is developed on iOS with the deployment of objective C. Apple has market share 16.7% and BlackBerry market share is 14.8%. Android, JavaMe, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian and Qt are the representatives of multiple vendor platforms. All these platforms vary in different operating system as well as programming language. Today there are many offshore software development companies which offer iPhone and Android software development these applications are of great demand.

In order to improve your business and get up-to-date as well as cost-effective solution choose software outsourcing development. It possesses a lot of benefits if to compare with in-house one. Moreover offshore software development improves the productivity of the company. The saved costs may be used in reaching a core business expansion of the company. Due to the profit brought about and the savings accumulated company may plough all these back and produce products with higher quality, create company brand and service more clients.

Offshore mobile software development delivers the following solutions:

-iPhone application development

-Android application development

-Mobile web development

-Java, J2ME, J2EE that are based on mobile application development

-Custom Programming services for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry

-Windows Mobile Development 5.5, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5

Mobile Application Development Myths

Here are few myths about mobile application development:

Just build good apps and users will flock to your app:

Mobile application development is not just about getting your app live.  Probably, the app development is the easiest part. The most important and overlooked aspect is mobile app optimization and marketing. Reaching out to users is what sets you apart from others.

After investing considerable resources in terms of work, money and time, don’t just leave the app on its fate.  If you are not exactly sure about mobile app marketing, hire experts.   With the fierce competition in app stores, the chances of your app been discovered is tough.Check out here Mobile app development quote.

-Underestimating Importance of Wireframes

Great idea begins with prototyping. Your app will not travel a long distance without adequate groundwork. In mobile app development, the initial phase begins with wireframes, a basic representation of the structure of a mobile application. This depicts a roadmap indicating basic functions of your apps. Prototyping is devoid of graphics and colors and not meant to be the final application, only a prototype.

-Mobile app is just about coding

Mobile application development services just don’t entail coding. It is a complete package starting right from ideation to designing a user friendly design. It is essential to stay updated of latest technology, trends, and adapt to emerging techniques.

-Code Everything

Remember, mobile application development is not about getting everything right in the first version. It is an iterative process. Think about building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with essential features and launch it. Depending upon user feedback and market response, you can further enhance your mobile application. You can build mobile app step-by-step.

-Idea validation

Idea validation is the cornerstone of mobile application development strategy. Don’t randomly ask friends or relatives about their feedback. Instead, test your mobile application from people who use the app or professional mobile app testers.

Trusting your instincts is good, but mobile marketing and testing is based on research, analysis,   gathering feedback and strategic decision making. Trusting your relatives or following your instincts might work sometimes, but it’s time to follow statistics, rather than pure intuition.

-It is all about aesthetics

If you think mobile application development is all about aesthetics. Think about it again. Content is the core. While beautiful and appealing design attracts attention of users, content is the nucleus.  Engaging content and functionality makes people use the app again and again.