Cambelt Repairs- FAQ’s

Cover against expensive cam belt failure: If you’ve been unlucky enough to suffer timing (cam) belt failure, you’ll know how expensive and stressful it can be. Our insurance provides peace of mind against cam belt failure. Designed to be straight forward, available to everyone, and excellent value for money.Read more at-

Q: When should a Timing Belt be changed?
Every vehicle that uses a Timing Belt to synchronise the engine timing, will have Timing Belt Change Intervals / Cambelt Change Intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Q: How do I search for Timing Belt Change Intervals / Cambelt Change Intervals?
Click here for Timing Belt Change Intervals, and follow the onscreen instructions. We will email you with your Timing Belt Change Intervals data.

Q: How much does a Timing Belt replacement cost?
The cost of a Timing Belt replacement at a reputable garage could vary between £150 – £350, for an average family car. This is why we recommend Timing Belt Failure Insurance, for only £29.95 per year it gives you complete peace of mind against Timing Belt failure.

Q: Timing Belt failure? What are the warning signs?
There are no warning signs. When a Timing Belt breaks it will do so without warning and can cause extensive engine damage in a fraction of a second.

Q: What causes a Timing Belt to fail?
Surprisingly, it is often another part of the engine failing that causes a Timing Belt to snap or jump. It could be the Timing Belt tensioners failing, the water pump seizing, a foreign object getting caught in the Timing Belt, or simply the Timing Belt just wearing out prematurely. Whatever the cause of Timing Belt failure, it will be covered with Timing Belt Failure Insurance.

Q: Will other car warranties cover my engine against Timing Belt failure?
Most car warranties will list the Timing Belt as a covered part providing it is changed at the manufacturers recommended intervals. However, often when it comes to making a claim you discover that the consequential damage caused to the inside of your engine is not covered, leaving you with the repair bill.

Q: How can I fully protect my car against Timing Belt Failure Damage?
You can insure against Timing Belt failure damage using Timing Belt Failure Insurance. Costing only £29.95, this 12 month value for money insurance will give you up to £2,000 towards engine repairs if your Timing Belt fails for any reason.

Q: What vehicles can be covered with Timing Belt Failure Insurance?
Any car, any age, any mileage, including taxis, and any light commercial vehicle up to 3500kg GVW.

Q: Will I need to change my Timing Belt?
Yes. You must change/check the Timing Belt when your vehicle manufacturer recommends. Please check required Timing Belt Change Intervals / Cambelt Change Intervals for your vehicle. You can prove your timing belt has been changed/checked by supplying your garage service receipt.