dermatologist in west des moines iowa and Common Skin Disorders

Almost everyone faces skin trouble sometime in their life. Some of them are normal problems such as acne and warts and other are severe such as skin cancer. Some common skin problems along with their causes and symptoms are mentioned below.
Acne: Acne is one of the most common forms of skin conditions generally occurring during adolescence and sometimes continuing into adulthood. Though it does not affect general well being of a person, it greatly affects his appearance mostly due to the scars left behind once the pimple itself is gone. Acne is caused when an oily substance called sebum produced by the skin clogs up the pores thus causing swelling and pus. Most women suffer from acne during the onset of the menstrual cycle.Look at these guys:dermatologist in west des moines iowa.

Age Spots: Age spots are harmless brown pigmentation on the skin caused due to excess exposure to sunlight. This condition is mostly seen in people older than 40 years. Most anti-aging treatments, creams and sunscreen can help in taking care of this problem.

Baldness: Another common problem generally faced by more men than women is hairfall and baldness. This condition takes place over a period of time and is characterized by loss of hair leading to bald spots. The major cause of baldness is attributed to genetics and generally runs in the family.

Dandruff: Our skin sheds off dead skin cells on a regular basis. The dead skin cells shed by the scalp are called dandruff, and is a normal process, not a skin disorder per se. However, it can be a nuisance and must be controlled. Dandruff generally gets aggravated during the winter season when the skin becomes extremely dry due to the weather. Scaling and itching are one of the most common symptoms of dandruff. Some factors that may aggravate dandruff are excessive use of styling gels and hairsprays, poor hair care routine, wearing tight fitting headgear and stress.

Eczema: This is a type of skin rash which generally affects people with irritable or sensitive skin. The exact cause of this disorder is not known; however the rash is accompanied with intense itching and may even give a watery discharge. The condition gets aggravated due to use of detergents or soap on the affected area. Other than this, cold or hot weather may also irritate the skin.